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Transparent data science for precision medicine


Our Story

Modern medicine presents us with serious data analysis challenges. These are caused by the increasing complexity of medical data, such as the high number of variables (e.g. blood measurements, genomic data) that can be measured for each patient, interactions between diseases, and the heterogeneity of diseases and patient groups (no two patients with the same disease respond in the same way to treatment).


There is a clear and unmet need for innovation, especially since most mathematical and statistical tools used routinely to analyze such data originate from the 1970s. Realizing truly personalized data-driven precision medicine requires more advanced mathematical and statistical methodology. 


Our mission is to develop novel mathematical, statistical and computational techniques to address the data analytics challenges of modern medicine, to allow more precise prediction of treatment responders and clinical risk.


Why work with Saddle Point Science Europe?

  • More advanced mathematical and statistical techniques

  • Tailored biomedical modeling approaches

  • Industry-standard software for precision data analysis

  • Addressing latent heterogeneity  and informative censoring

  • Algorithms for reducing overfitting in small data sets

  • Data analysis on demand, consultancy,  and software licenses


Dr. Paul Barber, Kings' College London

"We now use Saddle Point Signature for all survival and risk prediction analyses and we find it robustly produces multivariate models that generalise to other data sets better than other methods."

Dr. Christel Häggström, Umeå University 

"I really enjoyed working with team and the SaddlePoint-Mosaics software. I have gained a deeper understanding of the drawbacks of conventional survival analysis and found that Mosaics' innovative approaches have been very useful and applied in different clinical settings, particularly when investigating personalized medicine.”


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