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Decision support for medicine

Stroke-caused cognitive and neuromotor impairment is an increasing burden on society worldwide, in terms of quality of life and healthcare costs.
Methodologies for intelligent and personalized stroke rehabilitation reduce long-term disability of patients and the economic burden on healthcare.



The objective of the EU-funded consortium PHRASE (Personalised Health cognitive assistance for RehAbilitation SystEm) is to create a workflow that integrates the best available scientific knowledge and obtain efficient personalized prognosis and intervention protocols for stroke and other brain-related diseases.


It is based on Eodyne’s RGS (Revalidation Gaming System) ecosystem of applications. Saddle Point Science Europe brings the expertise to design and implement data analytics tools and personalized algorithms for continuous improvement of the intervention protocols.

RGSclinic 1.jpg


The EU-funded AISN project aims to develop a robust computational/AI pipeline for inference, prognosis and clinical decision support in patients with deteriorating physical and/or cognitive function. The pipeline will use advanced dynamic statistical models and interpretable algorithms to extract predictive parameters from longitudinal data, and for inferring the optimal personalized treatment regime.


It will include user-friendly visualization of inferred quantitative characteristics for clinicians, and will be tested and validated using training and validation sets from clinical partners from multiple EU countries.

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